LG Firm & Partners, C.S is a civil society founded on November 2, 1990. Since 2002 it is a member of GENEVA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, Swiss firm of External Audit and Business Consulting.  LG Firm, C.S. renders services in External Audit, Tax, Financial, Law and Administrative Consulting for Private Companies, Financial Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, and Organizations from Government and Private sector, National and International Organizations, through professionals entitled for this purpose and with the highest ethics and expertise.  During all this time, LG Firm & Partners, C.S has provided professional and honest services being recognized as an excellent firm in Central America gaining the trust of national and international companies in different business areas.

2017. Consultoría Tributaria Guatemala LG Firm. 7 avenida 12-23 zona 9 edificio Etisa, 7o nivel oficina 7-A Torre Sur. Teléfonos: PBX 24979797 GUATEMALA, CIUDAD