About Us

equipo lgfirmOur mission is to provide high quality services in External Audit and Tax Consulting. Offering our customers a personalized service with the purpose of implementing solid bases to contribute to the growth of your companies.
In order to achieve such purpose we have highly-skilled professionals, we use the appropriate technology and maintain necessary professional updating in our services.
We are always looking for customer satisfaction; our goal is to achieve the best results in each one of our performances. With the philosophy of continuous improving and the value of customer, we assure that our services increase the profitability of your working capital, also accomplishing profitability for us.

As a company we provide services to trading companies, industrial companies and utility companies, providing support in the review of financial statements, tax, administrative and financial matters.

Companies that know our services:

Alimentos Sumar S.A.
Cooperativa UPA
Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones de Guatemala
Nobel Systems, S.A.
Pani-fresh, S.A.
Farmacias de la Comunidad S.A.
Fondo de Cultura Económica de Guatemala, S.A.
Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social –IGSS-
Grupo RCN
Sigma Q
Pana Divers, S.A.
Fundación El Castillo, S.A.
Grupo Sigma
Cooperativa Magdalena
Tendencia, S.A.
Inversiones Also, S.A.
Proyectos de USAID
Distribuidora Serigráfica, S.A.
Industrias Bioquimicas, S.A.
Cooperación Española
Mar Bran S.A.

Our team of professionals is comprised of:

Raul Lemus

– Executive Partner
– Master in Business Administration, with Finance Specialization.
– Master in Tax Law
– Public Accountant and Auditor
– Higher Education Professor – Master UFM ESEADE
– More than 20 years of experience in professional services in financial and tax areas.

Gabriel Patzán

– Business Consulting
– Public Accountant and Auditor
– Business Consultant for more than 12 years in private companies.
– Wide experience in consulting services.


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