TAX Defense

Tax Defense
If you are worried about tax issues it is convenient that you continue reading, since our company specializes in the solution of such issues.

Tax Cases

All issues related to Tax Administration have points of view of such administration, which cannot be considered as cases that have already been judged since they are subject to the administrative process of defense applicable to all taxpayer, there is no issue without defense right, in such cases taxpayers must be properly advised and attend hearings or revoke resolutions in time, otherwise the issues raised will be accepted.

To have our support in those tax cases you may contact us at (502) 2497-9797 or visit us at 7 ave 12-23 zone 9, Building Etisa, 7th floor, office 7A.

If you already have this support, it is always recommended to get a second opinion.

“The inappropriate and untimely care of tax issues may cause you further problems.”

Problems with the Tax Administration Office must be solved according to law principles, therefore, when a company or person has problems with tax payment, or adjustments with the Tax Management Office, it is necessary to look for the support of experts in the field, thus LG Firm, C.S. provides an immediate support with experts in tax law.

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