TAX Diagnosis

-Do you want to be sure of the proper fulfilment of tax aspects of your company?
-Do you have problems in fiscal matters?
-Do you want to know if there is an unknown tax contingency?
-Do you now if your company is ready for an audit without complications?

We can help you by means of a Tax Diagnosis!

Tax Diagnosis is part of tax consulting services that we can provide you, it is a preventive professional service favourable to all taxpayer compared to consulting in tax defense.

In Tax Diagnosis there is a review and assessment of internal and public papers used for the documentation of commercial operations, there is a review of declarations carried out during a specific term, as well as the tax system of the company in order to identify problems arisen by the lack of legal documents, problems with calculation, application and interpretation of tax laws.

Do you know the advantages of a tax diagnosis?

You have an appointment with the specialist!
Tax diagnosis will avoid you the risk of facing several problems and tax disputes that affect your company directly.
You are going to be sure that tax calculation is executed properly using the proper taxable base.
Do you know that review before request of the tax administration office has discounts up to 85%
Do you know the economic annual cost arisen from the failure in submitting tax declarations?

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