Litigation in Fiscal Matter

Do you have problems in fiscal matters?

-Have you received a notice from the office of public prosecutor and you do not know why?
-Do you have a claim for tax performance where you are accused of tax evasion?

We can help you!

We provide a fiscal litigation that includes but is not limited to the analysis of the case and the development of proper strategies in order to appeal through the necessary defense systems established in our law, acts or laws submitted by authorities in fiscal matters, customs matters, foreign trade, local contributions and social security matters.

The services that we offer are:

–  Consultancy and representation before the tax authority in processes of revision (field audits and desk audits) to reduce and avoid from the administrative stage the imposition of penalties.

– Challenge of sanctions determined by the authority in exercise of its competence.
– Challenge of denial during all administrative process until Contentious-Administrative and Cassation.
-Challenge of tax laws or acts of authority when considered unconstitutional.
-Consulting in filing of documents requested by Tax Authority with prior notice.
– Assessment of criminal tax cases by simulation, tax evasion or improper tax retention.
– Intervention in Administrative proceedings in Customs matters as well as the challenge of arisen resolutions.
– Consulting and follow up in summons arisen from the Office of public prosecutor in cases of tax evasion.

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