Financial Consulting

– Do you have problems with working capital?
– Funding management
– Do you need to restructure your current bank debts?
– Do you know how to face those processes?

We can help you!
The service emphasizes in the areas of pre-feasibility, feasibility, financial resources management and funding for any kind of program or project that requires it.

Funding always have to be related to:

  1. i) The area where the company operates
  2. ii) Size of the company

iii) Flow generation

  1. iv) Structure of assets and liabilities.

If the previous factors are not taking into consideration, the company may fail in the payment of its debts with severe consequences.

All you need is to present your ideas and we are going to be in charge of the rest.

Bank Credits Consulting

Support steps to obtain funding:

1) Financial Analysis of the company figures.
2) General Analysis of other important aspects such as the organization, sales, market, suppliers, customers, etc.
3) Preparation of the SWOT analysis of the company.
4) Financial projections according to requested conditions.
5) Structuring of the “Business Plan”, which shall be the final document to present to different financial organizations.
6) Visits to financial institutions by us or by both parties.
7) Negotiation of conditions.
8) Follow up until its approval.

– ¿Tiene problemas de Capital de Trabajo?
– Gestión de Financiamientos
– ¿Necesita reestructurar sus actuales deudas bancarias?
– ¿No sabe o no entiende como hacer frente a estos procesos?


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